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nib is an Australian health care fund that provides health and medical insurance to over 1.6 million Australian and New Zealand residents. The organisation also provides health insurance to more than 190,000 international students and workers in Australia, and is the country’s third largest travel insurer and global distributor of travel insurance.

“We recently engaged DXC for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) implementation and were delighted with the process and outcome.”

Josh Griffiths Group Manager – Marketing Automation, nib Health Funds Limited


In a highly competitive landscape, nib was looking to enhance and streamline their customer experience, in order to provide a more personalised level of service and in turn, improve their customer retention rate. To remain competitive, nib also needed to reduce their operating costs, simplify workflow processes and accelerate their campaign time to market.


To help meet nib’s objectives, DXC integrated nib’s Salesforce CRM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and configured various components to meet their unique needs.

This included consolidating nib’s platforms and functions onto a single instance of SFMC, to help facilitate communications between nib’s teams in Australia and New Zealand.

A serverless telephony solution (using REST API) was used to develop a custom journey builder and integrate it with nib’s telephony platform, Genesis and AWS Connect. This provides contact centre agents with an easier way to identify customers needing further support, which helps the increase in nib’s customer retention rates.

Using advanced personalisation scripts and dynamic content, DXC ensured all content was heavily personalised, to suit the audience and/or secondary brands that sit under the master nib brand for emails, SMS and the Unified Preference Centre. SMS communications were also integrated using the platform with SFMC in order to incorporate the nib brand guidelines and be able to personalise the links within the SMS.

“When faced with challenges, DXC’s experience shone through and was underpinned by open, honest communication. And they know how to have some fun along the way! Thank you DXC.” 

Josh Griffiths Group manager – Marketing Automation, nib Health Funds Limited.


To enable the nib team to quickly and easily configure communications via SMS, email and telephony, DXC also migrated 15 automated user journeys into SFMC omnichannel.

DXC also implemented a custom email archiving solution to ensure industry regulatory compliance, allowing nib to archive emails sent to customers.

A new Unified Preference Centre was created to allow customers to self-serve and manage their preferences directly in Salesforce CRM. This portal consists of a range of highly secure landing pages created in SFMC using the secure hashing algorithm, SHA512. To assist customer retention, an option for customers to pause communications from nib for a period of 60 days, rather than having to unsubscribe straight away was also created.

In order to quickly interpret data coming from various mediums such as dynamic content, that had been tailored to specific audience groups for ad-hoc and journey sends, Datorama was implemented. This helps nib more easily understand and interpret their data and identify areas for improvement through detailed, real-time reports.


By providing nib with a new, single view of their customer, real-time triggers to distribute personalised and dynamic content to their customer base can now be efficiently implemented. The new centre allows nib customers to self-manage, thus enhancing their customer satisfaction rates.

The innovative reporting tools, including Datorama, capture data in real-time and offer actionable insights which are used to quickly identify opportunities and further improve retention rates.

Overall the new SFMC platform allowed nib to streamline marketing workflow processes, improve communication within the group and reduce their operating costs and campaign time to market.

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