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HPE powers the top 10 global manufacturers

DXC and HPE deliver digital outcomes faster. Together we power the enterprise of the future in an edge-centric, cloud-enabled, data-driven world by redefining experiences to drive smarter, hyper-efficient operations, unlocking the value of the data with intelligent analytics and delivering Everything as a Service to enable competitive agility and growth.

DXC and HPE partnership at a glance

Ability to scale to support organizations large and small and a deep understanding of industry to minimize risks and accelerate transformation

Next-generation services for cloud, workplace, applications, security and analytics


Racing to build autonomous cars

How tech firms can help traditional automakers manage data, legal and marketing issues.

BMW signs agreement with DXC for driverless car development

DXC services simplify data analysis and algorithmic training to reduce development time and cost.

Customer stories

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

National Transport Authority

Ireland’s NTA turned to DXC for personalized, streamlined contact center services for its integrated ticketing system.

Consumer and Retail

Molson Coors

DXC is helping one of the world’s largest brewers make the transition to a digital infrastructure and structure itself to handle the ever-changing dynamics of the beer industry.


Multinational automotive company

A leading automaker’s autonomous vehicles harnessed DXC Autonomous Drive and other emerging technologies.

Services and offerings

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Design and Engineering

Improve innovation and competitiveness and deliver greater operational efficiency — from concept and delivery to integration and beyond — with our software design and engineering.

Cloud Platforms

Help IT teams quickly deliver business-specific applications with our complete platform ecosystem for agile application development, deployment and operation, including specialized capabilities for SAP.

Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud

Enable fast, self-service provisioning and management across clouds, cloud providers and hybrid IT. Rely on DXC to orchestrate mainframes, servers, private and public clouds as an effective whole.

Compute and Data Center

Maximize efficiency, cut costs, enable smart exit strategies and provide a path to the cloud to enable modernization with our compute and data center services.

Storage and Backup

Achieve secure anytime, anywhere access to your data with our storage and backup services. DXC manages petabytes of storage around the world.


Protect the enterprise and defend against changing cyberthreats by verifying digital identities, protecting corporate data and securing critical infrastructure in both on premise and multi-cloud environments.


DXC has been honored with many awards from  partners celebrating excellence delivered to our customers.


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