How to accelerate your move to the cloud

To meet critical business and IT objectives, enterprises are utilizing a diverse set of IT assets that span traditional IT and private, public, and hybrid cloud; ecosystems of cloud providers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS); and locations (on premises, hosted).

Increasingly, enterprises are looking to managed service providers (MSPs) to help them achieve these objectives while optimizing the value of these IT and cloud resources through multicloud management platforms and capabilities.

Critical factors that enterprises expect MSPs to support include linking business strategy and a firm's processes to the performance of IT, ensuring governance and operational excellence, optimizing utilization across all IT assets by aligning risk with appropriate use of cloud resources, transforming IT to new operating models using different types of clouds and new provisioning processes (e.g., DevOps, CI/CD, SRE), and enabling use of public cloud providers to help accelerate the shift to cloud.

This IDC report explores strategies for effective use of cloud resources through new development, deployment and operational models of service delivery. Learn how to accelerate your move to cloud with multiple cloud resources and cloud service providers.

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Explore DXC's managed multicloud virtual environment 


DXC managed multicloud services powered by VMware accelerate the deployment of a complete managed virtual environment in highly available and secure private and public clouds to help organizations reduce IT operating costs, deploy applications faster, and shorten time to market for new products and services.

This managed service comprises compute, storage and network infrastructure as well as applications. It provides a consistent solution to manage services on any cloud, enabling a flexible, cloud-agnostic strategy. It allows companies to protect and enhance their VMware investments and establish a digital foundation for the future.

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