Outsource critical IT and outsmart complexity

Trust DXC as your mission-critical technology partner to simplify and optimize your IT estate and provide a clear path to the cloud.

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With DXC IT Outsourcing services, we provide you with reliable, optimized and secure mission-critical systems at lower cost. We manage and simplify your existing infrastructure investments and provide a way forward for you to modernize your IT, including moving portions to the cloud.

Proven tools and techniques, honed from the ITO transformations we undertake each year, will lower operating costs by up to 30 percent. Advanced intelligent automation capabilities ensure continuous optimization.

Our services will take care of your data center, storage, network, mainframe and business continuity needs and asset ownership options.

Run, maintain and protect mission-critical IT estates for more than 1,300 medium and large enterprises

Support all industries, including 6 of the top 10 auto manufacturers and 3 of the 4 largest U.S. airlines

Automatically resolve or diagnose 75% of incidents per month with DXC Platform X, our intelligent automation platform

Manage 1,717PB of storage globally


Compute and Data Center

We run, simplify and optimize your existing IT estate, and transform to modern technologies with our proven services. We consolidate and rationalize your data centers to reduce costs and create a more carbon-friendly solution.

Storage and Backup

Ensure anytime, anywhere access to your data — enabled by experts who manage over 1,717 petabytes of storage around the world — with our advanced storage and backup solutions. We also have options to help mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack.


Transform your network connectivity with services that cover everything from campus to cloud. Our secure and resilient infrastructure with software-defined networking eases technology upgrades and enables you to deliver consumer-like, on-demand services to a modern workplace.


Trust the largest independent mainframe services provider in the world to run, optimize and modernize your mainframe.

Business Continuity

When catastrophes or disasters happen, our experience and proven capabilities will protect your core business processes and keep your business moving.

“DXC has given us the credibility on a day-to-day basis to support our business and our systems, which has helped us to then partner with our business on more strategic items. That’s helped us keep the business focused on making, shipping and selling beer."

Joe Hageman

Vice president of IT Transformation Management
Molson Coors Beverage Company



Top utility transformed on-premises IT infrastructure to meet energy challenges.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Molson Coors

Leading brewer transforms during IT modernization and keeps business moving.


KION Group

KION Group increases efficiency with IT modernization and cloud migration.

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How to simplify and optimize your infrastructure and apps to prepare for mainframe modernization.

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